Levol provides mixing and mastering services for DJs and labels. You can contact us for the mastering of either separate tracks, E.P.s or album productions. Our goal is finalizing your tracks, ensuring they’ll sound detailed in as many environments as possible. With use of both digital and analog equipment we’ll adjust the spectral balance, the spatial representation and the loudness off your tracks.

Levol provides audio masters in various electronic genres, such as:

  • Hardstyle,
  • (Tropical) House,
  • Electro,
  • And more..

Want to play your track in the club or planning on sending tracks to a label? Contact us for more information about our services!

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Per Track
  • Feedback on track(s)
  • Delivery in max. 6 stems
  • Result is ‘release ready’
  • Includes 3 revisions

Listed prices are in Euro, taxes may apply.