Levol specializes in the mixing and mastering of electronic dance music. Our goal is to finalize your tracks as seamless as possible. In order to achieve a truely convincing result, in any listening environment. To be able to achieve this result, we prefer receiving tracks in seperate stems. This way, we can fine tune the spectral balance, spatial representation and loudness of seperate elements in a track. This way, we can get the best result for your tracks. Our engineers have got years worth of experience in both the production and composition side of EDM music and know what makes a track work.

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Mastering is the art of fine-tuning an audio mix to a continuous sound. The frequency balance, spatial representation and overall loudness can be adjusted accordingly.

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During the mixing process a large amount of stems are merged into a single track. Making sure the sonic timbre, dynamics and spatial representation of the sound is up to scratch.

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Got some tracks done and want to send them to a label for review or play them during a gig? We’ll make sure it sounds the way it should! Contact us for more information via this page.

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Why Levol?

We believe that every step in the musical proces is equally important. This begins with the musical foundation that’s created by a composer or producer, and ends with the finalization of a track by a mixing or mastering engineer. Too often, people believe that mastering is some sort of “magic tool’ that one can apply to any mix and make it sound right. This isn’t the case. We’re convinced that by taking part in the creative proces that takes place before the mastering stage, we’re able to achieve much better results. That’s why our collaboration starts when the tracks aren’t finalized yet. We’ll give feedback on both the composition and production aspects of tracks when allowed to do so.